Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes.  You read that correctly.   These amazing cookies have a whole avocado in them.  While that may sound a bit unorthodox, don’t let it turn you off.  The cookies don’t taste like avocado, I promise you.  They taste like chocolate.   What’s so amazing about making a cookie with avocado, is that the avocado replaces butter as the source of fat.  Let’s compare the two for a minute, shall we?

A stick of butter has about 800 calories and over 90 grams of fat – and 58 of those 90 grams are saturated fat, which as I am sure you are all aware, is the fat that tends to clog arteries and lead to cardiovascular problems.  Not that I’m saying you should never eat saturated fat, but we should definitely try to limit the amount in our diets.  So say your usual cookie recipe uses 1 cup of butter (2 sticks).  That would put 1600 calories and 180 grams of fat into your batch of cookies.

Now….what if you used just one avocado?  One avocado has about 320 calories and between 25 to 30 grams of healthy (mostly monounsaturated) fat.  Quite the nutritional bargain compared to using a cup or even a half a cup of butter!

I should mention that I’m now using some decent software to edit my photos, so bear with me as I learn how to use it.  But, behold:

Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies: healthyvittlesandbits blog


These cookies are actually very easy to make, and really pretty healthy (for a cookie).  I actually think this is the healthiest cookie I’ve ever made.  It has no butter, no oil, no eggs, very little sugar, and only whole wheat flour.  Also, next time I make these I am going to try using oat flour for a gluten free version.

Here’s the recipe (adapted slightly from here):


1 medium sized avocado, very ripe
1/2 a cup of Sucanat (stands for sugar cane natural, but you could also use regular sugar if you didn’t have sucanat)
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup of dark chocolate chips (Ghirardelli is my favorite)


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2.  Remove skin and seed from avocado and break into chunks into a large mixing bowl.  Use a whisk to completely mash up the avocado and then whisk it around until it’s as smooth as you can get it – use those muscles!  (Or, you could do it the easy way and blend it in a blender/food processor, but let’s be honest, in my mind that’s just one more thing I have to wash…).  After it’s very smooth, mix in the sucanat (or sugar) until that’s well mixed.
3.  Add in the vanilla, vinegar, baking soda, cocoa powder, and cinnamon and stir to combine.
4.  Add in the flour a bit at a time, mixing after each addition to get it all incorporated nicely.
5. Mix in those chocolate chips. (Side note, if you like your chocolate more evenly distributed, you can dice up the chips into slivers.)
6.  Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray, and scoop out the dough a tablespoon at a time and place on the cookie sheet.  After you have all your cookies on the sheets, I found the best thing to do was to spray my clean hands with non-stick spray and use my fingers to gently push down and shape the cookies, as they will not spread when baking.  They ended up looking like this before going into the oven:


7.  Bake the cookies for about 10-12 minutes.  Let them cool for a few minutes, and then enjoy them!  This recipe makes about 24 cookies.

They are (of course) the best straight out of the oven – no, seriously, I think I ate four of them that first night – but they stay pretty fresh for about a week in a closed container.   What I love about these cookies, is that since they’re made with healthy fat, and not very much sugar, I didn’t feel sick from all the sugar or bogged down after I ate them.  Compared to usual cookie recipes, these are waaaay healthier, especially for anyone who is trying to watch the amount of carbs/sugar that they eat (such as anyone with diabetes or PCOS) as well as for people who are trying to improve their lipid profile (anyone with heart disease).  The monounsaturated fat in avocados lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, making these cookies somewhat “heart healthy.”   Of course, “everything in moderation” is always the best motto.


Also, these cookies are vegan (as long as you are using dark chocolate), and as I mentioned before, they can easily be made gluten free by just using a gluten free flour such as oat flour (which you can make yourself by just blending oats in a blender).  So far no one that’s tried these cookies has been able to tell AT ALL that there’s avocado in there, so even if you don’t like avocado, you will probably still love these cookies.  I mean, look at all that deliciousness…


I would love to hear your thoughts on these cookies if you make them, so don’t be shy about posting comments.  And keep your eyes open for future posts involving avocados in unlikely recipes…. I’m kind of on an avocado kick right now  😉

Oh yeah, Luna says hello 🙂

Happy girl :-)

Happy girl 🙂


23 thoughts on “Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  6. Oh my gosh, I love that you use avocado instead of butter in these! I’ve been making avocado mousse for awhile, but I never thought about using avocado in cookies. I’m certainly going to try these! Celeste 🙂

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    • You are very welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Just so you know, there is a little spot in the top right of this page where you can enter your email address to get an email each time there’s a new post – didn’t know if that would be easier for you than checking back periodically. Regardless, I’m thrilled that you like the blog and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

  8. Ok 1) I had NO idea that sucanat stood for that. 2) I definitely need to get off my butt and start using a photo editing software other than paint – the worst part is, Picassa is free and a million times better but I’m too lazy to download it. 3) I use avocado to replace the fat in my banana bread – it’s so good that I’m now determined to use avocado as the primary fat in basically all of my baking…except my sugar cookies. I don’t mess with those.

    Most importantly: 4) There look awesome!

    • Lol at sucanat, hahaha. Yeah I’m using Lightroom right now, which isn’t free, but i’m doing a 30 day free trial to see if I like it. But if you don’t have a DSLR i’m not sure if it would be worth it to pay for a program like that because you really need to be shooting RAW images in order to get full use out of it.
      Avocado in banana bread sounds awesome! Yeah I can’t wait to try out other cookies using the avocado. The only downside is that it might make them look kind of a gross green color, lol.

      • Lightroom is the one I’m considering in the long run but I figure Picassa can hold me over until I spring for that. I do have a DSLR – well, I use my dad’s for all my images right now but am about to inherit it, which will give me more of an opportunity to play with manual settings and really learn how to make the most of it.

        The avocado won’t turn the cookies a funny color! At least, it doesn’t with the banana bread. The batter has an unsettling green hue (ha!) that made me nervous the first time I tried it, but because avocado browns from oxidation, the cooking process gets rid of any weird colors. At least, I think that’s why it’s not green after it’s baked.

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