More weekend updates…

Check out this beautiful cake! Plus, it’s healthy 🙂
This cake is flourless, and it has a whole can of garbanzo beans in it! You would never know unless I told you though 😉
I got this recipe from allrecipes: garbanzo bean chocolate cake

This is a lentil soup of my own creation 🙂 I used about six potatoes, one onion, maybe five large carrots, about four stalks of celery, a pound of lentils, 1tsp thyme, 1tsp sage, and some salt and pepper. Oh, and like 12 cups of chicken stock. Then I puréed about half of the soup so that it would have a nice, thick consistency. It turned out really well, and it suuuuuuper good for you.

This is a. Hot and sour eggplant recipe I made. It was very tasty.

Here is the recipe that I adapted from hot and sour eggplant. I used two small/medium eggplants (regular cause I didn’t have Chinese eggplants), doubled all the sauce ingredients, and I left out the green chili pepper entirely.

More recipes and photos to come… Stay tuned.

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