It’s been too long…..

Sorry, I haven’t posted in ages. I started my dietetic internship in July, and it seems like free time has all but vanished. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, since I’m currently in my WIC rotation, and as a project for my WIC clinic I decided to put together a WIC cookbook. So, I’ll try to be better about posting during the internship from now on. Here are some recent cooking adventures….


This was a black bean and cucumber salad, the recipe for which came from


This was a cheesy spinach square but I adapted the recipe to make it healthier. Here are the changes I’ve made: no butter, 2 packages of spinach, and only 3 cups reduced fat cheese.
Also, you can bake them in muffin tins for a cute mini-quiche effect:

Just bake them for only about twenty minutes if doing mini quiches.

This was a tuna and black bean quesadilla that I changed the recipe to make healthier. Here’s what I did: 3 cans tuna, 1can refried black beans, 1cup frozen corn, thawed, no butter, and then I used more than 8 tortillas because it made so much filling. I know this one sounds weird, but give it a try cause it was surprisingly delicious.

More to come this weekend….must take nap now.

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