White bean salad

I was eating dinner at houlihan’s in Hershey the other day, and I order their Tuscan white bean salad. It was so good! And healthy too! I decided to try to recreate that salad, but since I’m too poor for goat cheese, and I couldn’t remember what greens they used, I just made it my own version.
Here’s what I used:
Two cans white northern beans (rinsed well in cold eat to decrease sodium)
Two large tomatoes, diced
One half a large Vidalia onion (wanted to use a red onion but we didn’t have any)
Probably a whole cup of reduced fat feta cheese

So you mix all these things together in a large bowl and chill in the fridge till serving time. Then, when ready to be served, put down a bed of spinach on a large serving platter, spoon the bean salad on top, and drizzle the whole thing with some quality balsamic vinegar. And…..


Ta da!!! Super delicious and nutritious. Not to mention an excellent way to sneak some plant protein into your day.



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