Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin “Cupcakes”

Alright, so they’re really more like muffins with icing, but that’s probably my fault.  Here’s the link for the original recipe:

However,  I’m not sure why the cupcake in that photo looks like it’s chocolate, cause according to that recipe, there isn’t any cocoa power or chocolate in the cupcake, just in the icing.  I changed that. 

Here are the changes I made (based on the ingredients I had on hand):
regular whole wheat flour instead of pastry flour
canola oil instead of safflower oil
skipped the ground cloves cause i didn’t have any
for the icing:
used oil instead of unsweetened applesauce cause i didn’t have any
added probably 3 tbsp of sugar cause it wasn’t very sweet (however, if i had had my agave nectar here i would’ve used that)

So here was the result:

Despite not tasting like a true cupcake, these were very good. They tasted clean and healthy.  They were pretty filling too, so i didn’t really have the desire to eat more than one – always a bonus quality in a dessert.


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