Stubb’s, and then Mom finally gets her Texas Steak

While in Austin, Texas, we ate at Stubb’s Restaurant after getting three separate recommendations.  It was barbeque (as is the norm in the South apparently).  Texas lived up to it’s reputation – everything is oversized.  Here is the size of the cups:

Huge, huge cups. 

For dinner I ordered the chicken bbq.  Here was my plate:

That’s like half a chicken!  And let it be known that I ate about half of the sweet potato fries on my plate before I took this picture.  That’s one of the best things about the South (in my opinion), that they have sweet potato fries on every menu.  Goodness I love sweet potatoes. 

Then the next day, on our way out of Texas, Mom was determined to eat a steak, so we stopped at Triple J’s Steakhouse in Lubbock, Texas (no, I had never heard of that place either), and we got some steaks.  Mine was glazed with a honey and pepper sauce:

PS. this side of broccoli was the first green vegetable side I’ve seen on a menu.  Oh, and no, I’m not counting collard greens cooked in pork fat as a “green vegetable”. 

Mom’s steak was just enormous.  I think it was like, 16 oz or something ridiculous:

And then Darby got some sort of Ancho Chile rubbed steak:

So, it was a good day, because mom finally got her Texas steak (and also cause we finally got our of Texas).  On to New Mexico!

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